Doug Dechert Wikipedia, Fart

Doug Dechert Wikipedia, Fart

Doug Dechert Wikipedia, Fart -: This is one for the history books, the tabloid hall of fame, and for daydreaming about inebriated some day in the future: At a dinner on the Upper East Side that he gave in favor of anti-vaxxer and presidential aspirant Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Doug Dechert, a longtime source of New York gossip who has both been the subject of and conferred gossip, used his own farts to argue against climate change.

Doug Dechert Wikipedia, Fart
Doug Dechert Wikipedia, Fart

After a dinner guest inquired about Kennedy’s opinions on the environment (Haden-Guest has written for Vanity Fair), Dechert and art critic Anthony Haden-Guest got into a heated argument, according to Page Six’s Mara Siegler.

According to reports, Dechert shouted “The climate hoax!” and blabbed about the “scam.”

As a result of Dechert’s aggravation, according to Siegler, Haden-Guest tried to yell down his 30-year friend by referring to him as a “miserable blob,” “fucking insane,” and “insignificant.”

Dechert shouted, “I’m farting!” and started farting loudly as he reached a dead end.

Apparently, RFK Jr. took it all in stride (Vanity Fair has contacted the potential presidential candidate for comment).

New York is all that needs to be said about this. What a city! We’ve restarted! A true return to form, when one might cad around in peace with just Page Six and possibly the Observer to call you out, can be seen in the dispute between these two city elder statesmen from a bygone period. It’s not the first time Dechert’s propensity for fighting has made headlines. He allegedly once got into a fight with former Page Six reporter Ian Spiegelman (whose position Spiegelman lost after sending a threatening email to Dechert in 2004). According to a report from Gawker at the time, they preferred to fight at book parties in New York in the early 2000s.

But now just farts will do, where earlier fists were plenty. When Page Six questioned Dechert about the incident, she responded, “I apologize for using my flatulence as a medium of public commentary in your presence.”

Haden-Guest, on the other hand, had declared at the meal that he was “done” with Dechert. But later, he assured Siegler that “we will talk again.”

Unfazed, Dechert requested that he be described as a “gallivanting boulevardier” or a “beer-fueled sex rocket,” but other names would also fit. Apparently, farting cows actually worsen climate change.

News -:

We are aware of how a fart is received in a church. Now that Page Six has made us aware of it, we are aware of just how loud the news is when someone breaks loose in front of a presidential contender.

The New York Post claims that a recent meal between Democratic longshot Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the press turned into a farce as two journalists sparred over the topic of global climate change.

Former gossip columnist Doug Dechert yelled, “I’m farting!” after a heated argument over climate change with art critic Anthony Haden-Guest.

As supper took a turn when the topic of climate change was raised, Haden-Guest referred to his companion as a “miserable blob”. “The climate hoax!” reportedly yelled Dechert. Dechert then resorted to farting to emphasize his argument because he was still unsatisfied, presumably aggravating the greenhouse effect.

Kennedy Jr., a former environmentalist who now rejects vaccination science, was praised for keeping his composure despite the crisis.

Sure, the Cuban missile crisis was handled by his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Additionally, Robert F. Kennedy, his father, was actively involved in the federal government’s defense of civil rights activists.

But not everyone has the freedom to select their time.

Haden-Guest claimed he could not comprehend the denial of climate change by his longtime buddy.

He informed The Post that “Doug said it was a hoax and scam.” “Who is a fraud for? Who gains from this? That is a human existence issue, not a political issue.

Dechert apologized for his rhetorical ploy when The Post called him following the scandal.

I’m sorry for exploiting my flatulence in front of you as a platform for remark.

Then he requested the terms “gallivanting boulevardier” or “beer-fueled sex rocket.”

If only there was a windstorm in Dechert.

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