Ja Rule and Ashanti Relationship

Ja Rule and Ashanti Relationship

Ja Rule and Ashanti Relationship -: We seem to hear a lot of rumors and newsworthy stories about famous people who have a turbulent love life. There seems to be an endless flood of tales about extramarital affairs, divorces, and even multiple marriages at times. The news of a long-lasting celebrity love may be energizing, and it can be downright startling to see a couple who has been together since high school despite all the odds.

Ja Rule and Ashanti Relationship
Ja Rule and Ashanti Relationship

Ja Rule and his wife are in this situation. The story of how they first connected contains an anecdote about her attempting to “play” the now-famous rapper. The two had been together for decades.

In 2001 Ja Rule wed Aisha Atkins

Many people have conjectured that Ja Rule and Ashanti, another musician, were romantically involved. The colleagues never dated, despite their obvious admiration and regard for one another. Ja Rule has actually been alone for a long time, ever since he met his wife Aisha Atkins when he was just a teenager.

According to Essence, the couple wed in 2001, and Ja Rule is renowned for donning a durag throughout the ceremony. In a 2002 interview with Blender, Ja Rule provided additional information on the wedding: “We did it ’40s-style gangster. There were 800 of us. It reminded me of mafia weddings from movies. Although the Godfather theme wasn’t playing as we walked down the aisle, we still had our tuxes, tails, cigars, and plenty of champagne.

Ja Rule claimed that when they first met, Aisha Atkins tried to “play” him

The rapper opened up to Blender about his recollection of first seeing his future bride all those years ago. She was the new girl in school, as he recalls, and he caught a glimpse of her exiting the bus. Ja Rule recalls, “She was cute, but she attempted to play me at first. It wasn’t really apparent what “playing him” entailed, but it didn’t last long. “Then she realized I was one of the cool guys at school and got with the program,” he continued.

In this instance, getting with the program meant beginning a relationship before the artist gained notoriety for his influence on the hip-hop community. Ja Rule’s discography began with the release of his debut album in 1999, according to All Music. However, it was his second album that truly helped him develop his sound and ignite some well-known beef with rappers like Eminem and 50 Cent.

His hardcore image grew a little softer around the edges as he worked with female R&B vocalists, resulting in a distinctive and well-liked blend. Atkins and Ja Rule got married in 2002 when he was at the height of his fame.

Marrying your high school love has its ups and downs

For celebrities, getting married to someone you knew before being famous is a little strange. The best thing is that y’all know each other, Ja Rule told Blender. Ja Rule is unknown to her; Jeffrey Atkins is.

There are times when his public persona and the one he presents to his wife and children are at odds. But my wife occasionally has a problem with Ja Rule, he continues. She feels unfamiliar with this man rapping about sex, drugs, and partying while wearing no shirt. I assure her that having a fantastic job is not my fault.

It just goes to show that celebrities’ public personas aren’t always consistent with their private lives. While someone who raps about sex and drugs has maintained a long-term relationship since his teens, many of the most prim and proper “family-oriented” personalities have gone through countless affairs and divorces.

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