Jackie Chan Daughter Relationship

Jackie Chan Daughter Relationship

Jackie Chan Daughter Relationship -: A video of well-known martial artist Jackie Chan seeing clips from one of his early roles went viral on Twitter.

Jackie Chan Daughter Relationship
Jackie Chan Daughter Relationship

The 40-second clip was taken from Chan’s most recent Chinese film, Ride On, which features a number of the stunts Chan performed in other films before he gained notoriety in Hollywood.

A small girl who refers to Chan as “Papa” is also present while Chan watches the antics in the video. Fans, however, have questioned if Chan’s daughter is indeed her. On NationalWorld, which elaborates on what the video portrays and the nature of Chan’s relationship with his daughter, you might get the facts you require.

What occurs during the video’s time frame?

The video, which you can watch below, has Chan and a young woman watching clips of him performing a stunt in one of his early flicks. The footage shows Chan, 69, swinging from the side of a bus and tumbling through multiple rooftops. Chan is well-known for conducting his own martial arts stunts.

Jackie Chan Daughter Relationship

The young woman he is with asks him, “Were you in any pain?” He replies with “a lot”. Then she adds, “Papa, you’re awesome.” As the old video scenes go on, Chan and the woman both start crying.

Whether Jackie Chan’s daughter is the woman in the video?

The woman in the video is by adoption Chan’s daughter. She is an actress by the name of Liu Haocun who plays Chan’s daughter in Ride On.

Who is the daughter of Jackie Chan?

Chan’s biological daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, also known as Xiao Long Nu, is her. Former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei and Chan have a 23-year-old in common. According to rumors, Chan supposedly disowned her because she is a homosexual, and the two have not spoken for years. The Hindustan Times reports that Lam stated Chan was her “biological father” in 2015, but he was not present in her life.

She continued, “He was never a part of my life. He will never be regarded as my father. As long as my mother is here, I don’t need my father.

Etta and her wife Andi Autumn later acknowledged in a since-deleted YouTube video that they were homeless as a result of their parent’s lack of support, which led to their homelessness. Because of our homophobic parents, we have been homeless for a month, Lam said. We very much engaged in other activities and slept beneath a bridge.

Chan hasn’t spoken openly about his relationship with his estranged daughter very frequently. While promoting his film Police Story in 2013, Chan did admit that he was a bad father.

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