Kelly Johana Suarez Moya, Raid, Sentence, Jail

Kelly Johana Suarez Moya, Raid, Sentence, Jail

Kelly Johana Suarez Moya, Raid, Sentence, Jail -: Colombian authorities have dismantled three child prostitution rings, one of which allegedly involves a beauty queen, drawing attention to the networks involved and the prevalence of child sex tourism.

Kelly Johana Suarez Moya, Raid, Sentence, Jail
Kelly Johana Suarez Moya, Raid, Sentence, Jail

According to El Tiempo, on October 12, simultaneous operations by the US and Colombian authorities led to the dismantling of networks that traffic children in the cities of Cartagena, Medellin, and Armenia.

Semana reports that five alleged members of the Cartagena ring were detained while organizing a party for sex tourists on an island nearby, including local model and beauty queen Kelly Johana Suarez Moya. Investigators were told by 25 victims, ages 13 to 17, that they had been tricked into attending the party. Suarez is accused of acting as a modeling agency on social media and recruiting children.

Four persons were arrested as they attempted to provide child prostitutes to undercover ICE agents in Medellin who were posing as sex tourists. El Tiempo alleges that several of the ring’s victims received doses of the synthetic drug 2CB.

Investigations, according to El Heraldo, revealed links between prostitution networks in Cartagena and other parts of the country. According to El Tiempo, networks that trafficked kids from Armenia’s coffee-growing region to coastal cities were linked to the prostitution ring that was seized there.

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The most recent captures demonstrate child prostitution rings’ tactics as well as potential connections between networks in various Colombian locations. These rings are routinely hidden and made simpler by respectable businesses related to tourism, as demonstrated by the incident in Medellin where a cab driver helped in recruiting girls. Another important offender in this regard is hotels.

Over 35,000 youngsters in Colombia are believed to have been sexually exploited in 2011, making child prostitution a significant problem in the nation. The problem is made worse by sex tourism, especially in well-known tourist areas like Cartagena, where many disadvantaged children are coerced or forced into prostitution.

Medellin is another hotspot for child prostitution, where young girls are sometimes exploited by gangs and sold into the sex trade. Some of these young women are even offered up for bid by sex hunters who want to buy their virginity at auction.

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