Makeiva Albritten Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, IG

Makeiva Albritten Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, IG

Makeiva Albritten Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, IG -: American actress Albritten Makeiva is best known for her roles as Paige in Watch Your Back and Alicia in Queen of Kings. Albritten Makeiva was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is a native of the United States. One of her initial roles was as Kyra in the television series The Dirty D.

Makeiva Albritten Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, IG
Makeiva Albritten Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, IG

With Cheri Amor and Makeiva Albritten, Get Paid Tubi Cast. Makeiva Albritten, Cheri Amor, and Ajena Blount have incorporated parts in the Get Paid Tubi Cast.

The protagonist of the street love story is a damaged lady who makes ends meet in order to get by. She eventually falls in love and learns that not everything is as it seems.

The focus of the film is on maximizing profits while exacting retribution for lost family members.

Even though they were inexperienced actors, the actors in the film did an excellent job of acting naturally. The acting abilities of each actor in the film were praised by the critics as well.

Meet the Get Paid Cast

Makeiva Albritten and Cheri Amor, who plays the lead, are up-and-coming performers that are part of the Get Paid cast.

The film demonstrates the friendship between its characters and how they stick together no matter what.

As Zay, Makeiva Albritten

The owner of the beauty parlor, Zay, is portrayed by Makeiva Albritten.

She is listed as an actress, nail technician, model, and dancer on her Facebook bio. She has also appeared in the films The Dirty D and Queen of Kings.

On her Facebook page, she is previewing the release of her new project, Kingsmen.

Cheri Amor As A Childminder

Who Ya Wit, Birth of a Savage, and First Lady: Maria Revenge all featured Cheri Amor.

In the film, she takes on the role of a babysitter. She can be reached using the handle @imjustcheriamor.

Brown as a biscuit, Jamaine

An emerging performer noted for his part in Get Paid is Jamaine Brown.

He announced on Instagram that he is beginning the film in 5 minutes.

Other Cast Members:

  • Ajena Blount as Dr. Bledsoe
  • Foe Life Bo as Man at the Salon
  • Chyna as Donnie
  • Briana Dyson as Card Player Ricky
  • Dominique Hollins as Scooch

2023 Get Paid Tube Movie Review

An exciting motion picture about making money and the betrayal of love is called Get Paid. The drama in the film is heavily focused on money.

The film’s lead character At the beginning of the film, Donnie lost her kid in a heist. She loses her children, which causes mental instability.

In her view, she wants to exact retribution for her loss while concentrating on her profession and increasing her income.

Donnie meets a man while conducting business, and she gradually develops feelings for him. His buddies, though, didn’t think she should be with him.

One day, Jamaine Brown’s character, Biscuit, tells her the truth about how he and the man she is in love with broke into their home and attempted to kill her.

She miraculously survived after being shot in the head, and after fully healing, she decides to exact revenge.

And she binds her lover to a chair while outlining what she knew before to shooting him.

Every audience will enjoy the drama and excitement in the film. Many moviegoers posted reviews of the film on social media, stating that it is a must-watch and that they enjoyed every minute of it.

How Do I Get Paid To Watch?

You can watch the American action drama Get Paid on Tubi TV. Sarah Evalt is the writer and director of the film, which is being produced by Dennis L. Reed II.

The movie is currently exclusively accessible through Tubi, but as it gains popularity, other prominent streaming services may eventually make it available.

Cinematographer Sean Snider and editor Charles Spence both worked on the film.

Getting the attention that aspiring actors and directors want is difficult when compared to movies made by top-notch directors, even though the movie was filmed with them.

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