Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor

Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor

Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor -: Being accurate is a journalist’s top priority at all times. Because of this, Marisa Burke’s book will contain only her own words, as she claims.

Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor
Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor

“Just Checking Scores” is the title of the book, which is by no means a puff piece. It mainly centers on a period of Burke’s life that put possibly the most recognizable media figure in the area under an even brighter, less favorable, limelight. Burke asserted that after reading the book, readers will comprehend the meaning of the title.

Burke, a former news anchor for WNEP-TV Channel 16 who accepted a buyout at the end of 2016, had been there for almost 33 years.

When her ex-husband was in legal difficulties again in 2012 and 2013, she made the decision to publish the book.

Burke’s spouse at the time, Mark Kandel, 53, of Peckville, was found guilty of using a mobile to solicit sex from a boy and was sentenced to 14.6 years in prison by U.S. District Court Judge A. Richard Caputo in October 2013. According to federal authorities, Kandel communicated with a child who was then 17 years old over 900 times via text messages in an effort to get him to give explicit and nude photos in exchange for cash and presents.

Burke stated that she is writing the book “to share a story of how I and my two daughters became victims of deceit, scandal, and betrayal.” She expects to have it finished and self-published by late spring or early summer.

Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor

Burke claimed that because of her extremely visible profession in television news, her personal trauma became public.

Burke wrote in an email regarding the book, “I will discuss and explain how I became one of the most reputable news personalities in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania and what happened professionally and personally when my husband was charged with a serious crime, not once but twice.”

Burke stated in an extensive interview with the Times Leader that the book will go into detail about what caused the issue, how WNEP responded, and what she and her girls had to do “to overcome the horrible ordeal so we could move on with our lives.”

Burke claimed that there were various benefits to writing the book. She claimed that writing everything down and letting it all out has been helpful. The book, according to her, “will shock anyone who thinks they have married the person of their dreams.”

“I concurred with you. only to learn that the spouse I married had a secret existence, creating a nightmare for my entire family, she added.

Burke, 56, has been keeping herself busy by working on marketing projects for local businesses and NGOs, but most of her time is spent on the book.

She claimed that numerous people, including personal friends and colleagues, convinced her to publish the book. She claimed that the federal prosecutor handling her ex-husband’s case even sat down with her and advised her that she needed to write it.

Burke expressed her hope that the book will empower women in particular who might find themselves in a scenario of deceit, betrayal, and lying where one partner is living a second life.

Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor

Burke claimed that looking back, she was placed in an odd circumstance.

As everything was happening day after day, she continued, “And I still had to carry on and do the news.” It’s a strange story that is unlike any other, as I indicated.

Today, Burke resides in Mountain Top. “Doing fantastic,” she stated of her two daughters. Sarah, 19, is set to receive her diploma from a theatre conservatory in New York City, and Rachael, 21, is a junior in college.

With regard to her girls, Burke said, “I am truly blessed to have them. “After four or five years of trauma, they are really doing fantastic.”

Burke claimed that no contact with the kids had been made since Kandel’s punishment.

Kandel formerly worked as a curriculum specialist with the Northeast Education Intermediate Unit 19 in Archbald and had previously served on the Scranton School Board in the 1990s, according to a Times Leader article.

The youngster claimed he had to stop going to Valley View High School at the time because of stress and taunts from other pupils. While reading the texts from Kandel, he claimed before the judge that he attempted suicide and engaged in self-mutilation.

When she was a teenager, one of Kandel’s daughters said she felt “ashamed” to name Kandel her father since “he went after boys in school.” She continued, “My sister and I will be haunted by this for the rest of our lives.”

Burke said she will always be appreciative of WNEP’s response when the news of her husband’s passing broke. When her husband was accused of providing alcohol to minors in 2008, she claimed Burke briefly believed the station might release her.

“But they didn’t,” she remarked. They sympathized, they realized I wasn’t involved in any of it, and they understood. They had the option of taking a different path, but they chose not to, and I will always be grateful for that since it was the worst period of my life.

Burke declared that she had nothing unpleasant to say about Channel 16.

Burke declared, “Channel 16 is like family to me and will always be family.”

Burke stated that her book will cover a lot of ground regarding Channel 16.

“They all know how much I respect the station and everyone there,” she remarked.

Burke claimed that the station’s offer to buy her out may have actually been for the best.

She laughed and continued, “First of all, I now have time to write the book. I am obviously not retired, though.

Burke claimed that when she was summoned to the conference room for a meeting with the general manager and news director, she wasn’t at all surprised.

Burke remarked, “They had a folder. “They questioned me about if I knew what this meeting might be about. I informed them that I believed a buyout would be extended to me.

Burke said that they had not given her an ultimatum and that they had informed her that the buyout was optional.

Burke recounted, “They said nobody is holding a gun to your head.” “However, I made up my mind to take the buyout. When a corporation gives you a buyout, take it since the next time it might not be as generous, many individuals told me.

Burke claims that she has never turned around. She said she received a full year’s income in addition to benefits.

“I had a good run at Channel 16,” she remarked. “I have no negative emotions. I departed amicably, and they even provided us with a lovely luncheon. Six of the nine people who received buyout offers did so.

She is currently polishing the last few pages of her book, which she confesses was occasionally challenging to write.

It will provide me with closure on this particularly difficult period of my life, she said. I’m going to be honest, and writing the book has been beneficial for me.

Burke stated that she will go into depth about how everything transpired, how she handled the predicament, and how she managed to maintain her composure for the benefit of her career, WNEP, and her daughters.

“I was dealing with this and constantly trying to neutralize the embarrassment, the humiliation that the three of us faced being a mother of two girls still in elementary school,” she said.

Burke claimed that her mother, who is now 87, still resides in the house where she was raised. Burke has two brothers, one of whom resides in Colorado and the other in Michigan. Burke places a high value on her family, which also includes her two pets.

Marisa Burke Wikipedia, Wiki, Story, Net Worth, Age, Anchor

Burke is now looking forward to receiving the closure she predicted she will get when her story is made public.

Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Marisa Burke, a former newsreader for WNEP-TV Channel 16, will hold a “Meet and Greet” at Sabatini’s Pizza, Wyoming Avenue, Exeter. She will take questions from the audience and talk about her soon-to-be-released book “Just Checking Scores” and her work at Channel 16.

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