Mary Collins Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Death, RIP

Mary Collins Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Death, RIP

Mary Collins Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Death, RIP – One of the four suspects charged in the gruesome murder of a woman who was stabbed more than 130 times and then placed inside a mattress was let out on bond. Regarding the 2020 murder of Mary Collins, James Robert Salerno was given a $250,000 bond in January. Salerno was freed on bond on June 3 according to the Mecklenburg County jail’s records. He is charged with murder, kidnapping, and DWI.

Mary Collins Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Death, RIP
Mary Collins Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Death, RIP

Mary Collins Story

According to jail records, a man who was charged in connection with the horrible murder of a Charlotte lady who was found stuffed under a mattress after being stabbed more than 130 times was freed from custody over the weekend on bond.

In January, James Robert Salerno received a $250,000 bond in relation to the 2020 murder of Mary Collins. According to the Mecklenburg County jail’s records, Salerno was released on bond on June 3. He is accused of murder, abduction, and DWI.

Salerno does not have electronic monitoring, according to the inmate docket maintained by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Kasei Canfora, the mother of the victim, spoke to WCNC Charlotte about the horrifying information she received after joining other grieving mothers who had experienced gun violence during a rally against community violence.

Canfora remarked, “I’m experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions as a result.” The hardest part is that I have no control over the entire procedure, which is really unpleasant. Everything makes me feel as though what they did to my daughter is simply irrelevant to them.

She expressed her confusion over the fact that a murder suspect was spotted wandering the streets of Charlotte. She thinks the light sentence for such a horrible crime sets a bad example for those who commit similar crimes.

“Why does he get to live a life and walk free when he took Mary’s without cause? I really don’t want anyone else to have to experience this suffering, Canfora told Colin Mayfield of WCNC Charlotte.

Concerning Salerno’s release, WCNC Charlotte has contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and court representatives.

One of four people, including Salerno, are accused of killing Collins in NoDa at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. Collins was allegedly lured to an apartment by Salerno and the others on the pretense of hanging out with friends. After a week, her body was discovered. Investigators claimed she was stabbed 133 times and tortured.

Salerno, Kelly Lavery, and Lavi Pham were accused of killing Collins. A fourth defendant is charged with aiding in the crime scene cleanup. According to the search warrants, pumpkin spice shower gel and Cascade dish detergent were used to cover up Collins’ body’s odor.

Lavery was given a 32-year prison term after admitting guilt to second-degree murder for her part in the incident. Salerno and Pham entered a not-guilty plea. New information about the murder surfaced during Lavery’s plea hearing, including the claim that Collins was strangled in a bathtub while wearing a leash.

According to Collins’ grandmother Mia Alderman, “He gets out on bond, he’s free to go around the city of Charlotte,” in January. “I really believe that this should shake the city of Charlotte.”

Furthermore, according to Alderman, Collins’ murder was the worst crime Charlotte had ever witnessed, according to Salerno’s own counsel. She also said that Salerno’s parents had “no sense of compassion” for him or any of the suspects’ families, and that they were ready to bond him out.

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