Spencer Herron Story

Spencer Herron Story

Spencer Herron Story -: Spencer Herron and Jenifer Faison believed they had been together for over seven years until police unexpectedly showed up at their Georgia home one afternoon in June 2018.

The guy Faison knew and loved was leading a parallel life, as she would eventually discover. There was a labyrinth of deception, extramarital affairs, and illegal sexual assault committed by Herron against one of his high school students hidden under that fairytale romance.

Spencer Herron Story
Spencer Herron Story

In the new ABC News Studios docuseries “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband,” Faison explores how she discovered the frightening truth about the man she married and started to put her life back together. In addition to the harrowing tale of the student victim who came forward and accused Herron, it includes dramatic interviews with people who claim they were romantically involved with him.

While attending Berry College in northwest Georgia, Faison and Herron got to know one other for the first time. Faison entered her first meeting at the school’s television station, where Herron served as station manager. She was majoring in communications. As their relationship progressed, they fell in love.

But as Faison’s senior year drew near, she declared that she didn’t want to be bound to a partner. Herron had already received his degree and was a year older. When they split up, Herron was heartbroken. However, he seemed to move on, eventually getting married and having his own children. In addition to playing with a few bands in the Air National Guard, he obtained a position as a video production teacher at Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia.

Spencer Herron Story

Faison was simultaneously building a reputation as a television producer and obtaining positions with “Judge Judy” and “Extreme Makeover.”

After Faison made a comment on a picture from Herron’s 20-year college reunion, the two of them eventually reconnected on Facebook. Herron revealed to Faison that his marriage had ended a few years before. The former college sweethearts rekindled their romance after meeting in New York while on business trips. To be near Herron, Faison relocated to Georgia. After getting hitched, the couple eventually built a wine bar together.

Little did I realize that the man I was marrying had committed atrocities that would ruin our lives and alter us for the rest of our days, Faison reflected.

A perplexed Faison gained access to her husband’s Facebook account to delete it two days after Herron was detained and charged with three felonies of sexual assault by a teacher or school administrator.

She then gained access to his email account and selected a folder called “photos.”

“As I’m scrolling down, a picture of a woman in her knickers appears. Then another one appears, followed by a different naked woman. I just continued looking, and there were several different women. Then I discovered emails and messages that he had sent to these women. He was leading two separate lives. I was married to a predator. Who was he? I could never have predicted the extent of what he had accomplished, Faison remarked.

Spencer Herron Story

Faison and Nancy Glass served as executive producers of the “Betrayal” podcast, where she first detailed how she painstakingly discovered her husband’s secret existence.

“I simply wanted to find all the solutions. I wanted a timetable, sort of. When did this begin and when did it finish, I needed to know. I had to ask myself, “Was there anything I could have done if it ever ended?” stated Faison.

In the meantime, Rachel, a 16-year-old girl who was Herron’s victim, was coping with the fallout from the sexual assault and victim blaming. Some residents of the neighborhood didn’t think Rachel was telling the truth. After all, Herron was well-liked by his pupils and twice in Cobb County, Georgia, he received the “teacher of the year” honor.

In adulthood, Rachel came out and disclosed her identity on the Betrayal podcast and at a speaking event with Faison where they both revealed their experiences.

Spencer Herron Story

“I changed from a cheerful, joyful, and optimistic adolescent to a cynical, furious, and miserable one. I cut off any contact with individuals. By the time I was a senior, I had cut off touch with everyone I had been close to at school and retreated from my family and friends. I believed that nothing nice in my life was deserved of me, Rachel stated.

In January 2019, Herron admitted guilt to the allegations of sexual assault and was given a sentence of five years in jail and fifteen years on probation. In the summer of 2022, he received parole and was ordered to register as a sex offender.

“The healing is still ongoing. I’m still not safe from harm. Not even four years have passed. Adding that she is “grateful” to Rachel for speaking out fearlessly, Faison stated, “I am still digging my way out of this deep dark hole that I fell into.

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