Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops

Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops

Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops -: The video game Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life has hybrid crops. By fusing two distinct product types, players can generate hybrid crops or fruits, which often sell more successfully than their basic equivalents. In the sections that follow, the mechanics of hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life are covered along with a list of all the possible combinations.

Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops
Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Hybrid Crops

How can I obtain hybrid crops?

If you desire hybrid crops, you must get along with Vinnie, the strange plant at Takakura’s house. You will eventually meet Vinnie when Takakura invites you to his house at the start of Year 2. Once the plant has asked if you wish to mix seeds, the next step is to continue talking to it. You can talk to it multiple times every day; when it asks you if you want to continue speaking, just say yes. You’ll eventually be able to use the mixing system.

After that, you can decide whether to combine two seeds for a crop or two fruits for a fruit. If you are successful, you will receive a bag of seeds for the appropriate hybrid. It’s important to remember that you can’t mix a crop with fruit and that not all combinations will succeed (unless you’re combining flowers, in which case you can never go wrong). If your combination doesn’t work, you’ll get a seed bag containing one of the plants, fruits, or seeds you used.

To give you a brief summary, there are two tiers of hybrid crops that you can purchase from Vinnie. Additionally, some crops or fruits are crossed with particular flowers to produce hybrids, which may have special characteristics of their own:

  • Crop x Crop or Fruit x Fruit yields a Tier 1 Hybrid Crop (HC1) or a Tier 1 Hybrid Fruit (HF1)
  • HC1 x HC1 or HF1 x HF1 yields a Tier 2 Hybrid Crop (HC2) or a Tier 2 Hybrid Fruit (HF2)
  • Crop/Fruit x Trick Blue Flower yields the “Blue” variant of that Crop or Fruit
  • Crop/Fruit x Sagesoil Flower yields a variant that is strong enough to be planted in any type of soil.
  • Crop/Fruit x Happy Lamp Flower yields a variant that can be planted in any season of the year.
  • Crop x Upseed Flower yields an S Rank variant. *Fruits and seeds from a fruit tree cannot be mixed with an Upseed Flower.

Which Crops in “Story of Seasons” are the Best?


Players will be able to plant and grow melons beginning with the basics during the first summer season. In order to avoid their progress from wilting, players should make sure they have collected every last one of this beautiful fruit before the end of Autumn after letting it develop throughout the full season.

Players can buy melon seeds at Vesta’s Farm for fifty gold, although they won’t have to if they already have a Seed Maker. B-rank melons can be sold for 210 gold when they are completely grown; at S-rank, this price can increase to 270 gold with enough fertilizer.


Even though they don’t produce the most gold in comparison to other crops, tomatoes are one of the simpler crops to plant and the first bag of seeds the player receives. In the first year of A Wonderful Life, players can grow tomatoes on their own from Spring through Autumn, increasing the possibility that they will always have access to them.

Vesta’s Farm also produces them at an incredibly low cost; each bag of seeds costs the player thirty gold and is then sold for one hundred and five gold at B-Rank. Additionally, because they are a part of many of the best hybrids that players may create, tomatoes are the gateway plant for hybrid plants.


Although players can only plant a small number of base crops, their fields are likely to be ornamented with a wide variety of Hybrid fruits and vegetables. One component that the player’s farm must have is the Greetoma. This hybrid is created by combining the tomato and the watermelon.

Another great incentive to grow this crop is that, because of its Tomato genetics, it can be produced any season other than winter, which is amazing for any player trying to make a rapid profit. Its selling price of $470 at just B-rank is also fantastic for any player looking to make a quick profit. The one disadvantage this plant may have, according to some, is that it can only be grown in specific regions of the nation because it needs good soil.


Even though the potato is a prominent winter resident, just a few crops are winter-only survivors. Players will most likely only have a short opportunity to consume this veggie because it only grows between the current season and spring.

However, it is a useful vegetable to tend to right now. To begin with, purchasing the seeds will only cost you forty gold, only ten more than purchasing a tomato. Since a B-rank potato may be sold for 128 gold and an S-rank potato for 244 gold after harvest, players are likely to profit more from this plant.


It should come as no surprise that players in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life should be growing and selling watermelons during their first year in the game. It is one of Greetoma’s parent plants.


Players will likely need to grow the Carberry, yet another unanticipated hybrid, on their farm in the second year. This plant is created by merging a strawberry with a carrot, yielding an unexpectedly sour product.

The Carberry is one of the few crops that can be produced all year round in addition to being delicious because it can be grown from autumn to spring. Instead of cooking the Carberry, players have the option to sell it for $475, however, that price is only valid for B-rank players.


Gamers would be surprised at how much money the resulting fruit may bring in because most people wouldn’t think to combine a watermelon with a regular melon. With Vinnie’s help, players can start planting these seeds in A Wonderful Life’s Second Year, with Melomelo surviving through the Spring and Summer.

Players will want to plant these seeds as soon as there are plenty available because this tasty crop has a disadvantage in that it can take a very long time to grow. Once the round crop has grown to its full size, players can sell it for up to 635 gold.


If a player wants to profit from any of the crops available in the Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life remake, the Sweetoma must be the crop they should be growing. Another hybrid featuring the tomato shows how important it is to the game in its second year.

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