Who Is Connor Gibson, Niven, Gerhart

Who Is Connor Gibson, Niven, Gerhart

Who Is Connor Gibson, Niven, Gerhart -: In Hamilton, a 20-year-old man is on trial for allegedly killing his teenage sister by strangling her.

Who Is Connor Gibson, Niven, Gerhart
Who Is Connor Gibson, Niven, Gerhart

Amber Niven, 16, was killed and allegedly subjected to sexual abuse by Connor Gibson in November 2021. Another individual is also charged with attempting to thwart the course of justice.

Days after she was last seen, the teenager’s body was discovered in the town’s Cadzow Glen.

On Thursday, the trial in Glasgow’s high court began.

Mr. Gibson, who also goes by the name Niven, is accused of disposing of the clothing he was wearing and calling the children’s home where Amber was residing to make it seem like she was still alive.

He is charged with taking Amber’s clothes off and assaulting her sexually. Gibson is accused of repeatedly hitting her in the head and body with blunt objects, crushing her neck with his hands, and doing all of this with the purpose to rape her.

On the day of his sister’s passing, Mr. Gibson is said to have admitted to police that he last saw her leaving a heated dispute near a Hamilton community center.

He is also accused of destroying evidence after it was said that he threw away his own bloody garments in an effort to thwart the course of justice.

At the time of the murder, the suspect was out on bond.

It’s not a “good mix”

Foster parent of the children and his wife, Carol, Craig Niven, said in court that Mr. Gibson was five years old and Amber was three at the time they were placed in their care.

2019 saw Amber leave their custody. After Mr. Gibson reached 18 in 2020, he left.

Mr. Niven informed the court that the siblings could not be left alone with one another because they could not get along.

In the days following the discovery of Amber’s body, he claimed to have spoken with Mr. Gibson over the phone.

Before seeing his sister later on Friday night, Mr. Gibson allegedly claimed to have clashed with her, according to Mr. Niven.

The accused did not “seem emotional” during the talk, the speaker continued.

It's not a "good mix"

On Thursday, the manager of the facility where Amber was residing with children testified as well.

Amber left to meet her brother on Friday, November 26, at around 21:15, according to Ian Currie. He claimed he made an effort to talk Ms. Niven out of going outside because it was a chilly, windy night.

He claimed that when he began working the following day, he was informed that Amber had not arrived, which he described as uncommon.

Mr. Currie explained how he drove around the neighborhood in search of her. Police informed him about the discovery of a female body the following day.

A friend of Amber’s who remained with her at the children’s ward testified in court as well. According to Angel McKean, she had thought about the girl as a “wee sister”.

The 19-year-old remembered Amber being at the flat on the alleged murder night.

She stated that she would meet her brother and appeared to be quite excited about it, Miss McKean testified to the court.

The witness claimed that she did not see Amber again, but she remembered receiving a photo from her that evening over Snapchat.

On November 26 at 21:51, it was timed. The “selfie-style” photograph of Amber and a man wearing a baseball cap with the message “my big bro” was shown to the jury.


A second man, 44-year-old Stephen Corrigan, is also being tried for his role in the events leading up to the finding of her remains.

It is alleged that Mr. Corrigan discovered Amber’s body, but instead of calling the police, he caressed her improperly before concealing her remains beneath shrubs and branches.

He is charged with disturbing the peace and attempting to subvert the course of justice. In his unique defense of alibi, Mr. Corrigan claims he was somewhere else at the time.

All of the allegations against both men are denied.

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