Who Is Kim Brady Carriker

Who Is Kim Brady Carriker

Who Is Kim Brady Carriker -: Gun-obsessed BLM supporter Kimbrady Carriker has been identified as the shooter in Philadelphia who killed 5 persons.

Who Is Kim Brady Carriker
Who Is Kim Brady Carriker

After the killing spree in the city’s Kingsessing suburb on Monday night, June 4, Kimbrady Carriker was detained.

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Kimbrady Carriker, a 40-year-old supporter of Black Lives Matter, has been named as the suspected shooter who shot two children and killed five men in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that he was detained following the massacre in the city’s Kingsessing suburb on Monday night, June 4.

Police have not yet made his identification public. Action News, however, received the name of the suspect via sources. According to reports, Kimbrady resides in the 5600 block of Belmar Terrace, just a few blocks from the shooting scene. Although Kimbrady has not yet been charged, District Attorney Larry Krasner predicted that the defendant would face numerous murder charges during a press conference.

The moment the gunshots started, people started dialing 911. At least 50 rounds were fired at the scene, according to the police. Bullets struck several automobiles.

Kimbrady had several magazines and a bulletproof vest on. Investigators said he also had a handgun, an AR-15-style rifle, and a police scanner on him. Before apprehending him, police were able to pursue him down in the back alley of 1600 Frazier Street. The suspect and the victims have no link to one another.

Daujan Brown, Lashyd Merritt, Dymir Stanton, Joseph Wamah, Jr., and Ralph Moralis are the five individuals that were fatally shot. Two kids—ages 2 and 13—were shot and hurt. Flying glass hurt a 33-year-old woman, a 2-year-old child, and another youngster.

In March, Kimbrady shared some images on his Facebook page while sporting a bra, a women’s blouse, and earrings. According to the New York Post, he frequently posted about supporting Black Lives Matter.

In his own words, Kimbrady identified as a computer engineer. He shared images and memes of people brandishing guns and other weapons. The caption for one of the pictures on his profile said, “Wherefore art thou opposition so I may slide upon thine block and runneth down on thee.” The individual in the picture was holding a gun. In one of his posts, young people were seen discharging a firearm.

Kimbrady published a video of a burning Philadelphia police cruiser on his Facebook page in a post from May 2020. “ACAB” was written in graffiti on the car, which stands for “all coppers are bas*.” I was there; where were you? was the caption. “#We Matter” It’s not known who shot the footage.

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