Who Is Pravesh Shukla, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh (MP), BJP, News

Who Is Pravesh Shukla, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh (MP), BJP, News

Who Is Pravesh Shukla, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh (MP), BJP, News -: Bhopal, July 5 (IANS) The Madhya Pradesh Police have detained Pravesh Shukla after the National Security Act (NSA) was used on him after a fictitious video of him urinating on a tribal guy went viral on social media.

Who Is Pravesh Shukla, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh (MP), BJP, News
Who Is Pravesh Shukla, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh (MP), BJP, News

On July 4, a terrible occurrence that shook the country was captured on film, showing a guy in Madhya Pradesh, India, urinating on a tribal man. The incident, which took place in the Sidhi district, has sparked a significant political debate, especially given the man’s claimed affiliation with the government’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). On social media, the video quickly gained traction, igniting indignation and calls for justice.

Who Is Pravesh Shukla?

Parvesh Shukla, a BJP leader, and Kedarnath Shukla, a close aide in the party, is the one in question. There have been conflicting reports, with the MLA denying any connections to Parvesh.
According to India Today, Kedarnath Shukla, a BJP MLA from Seedhi, is purportedly represented by Pravesh Shukla.

What took place?

In the popular video, Pravesh Shukla is seen smoking a cigarette and peeing on a man’s neck, face, and hair. The assault happened in the district’s Kubri hamlet, and on July 4, 2023, a video of this heinous act appeared online. Dasmat Ravat, a 36-year-old tribal man who lives in the district’s Karaundi hamlet, has been confirmed as the victim.

It is still unclear why Pravesh behaved such abominably against Dasmat. Following the event, the tribal laborer claims he was forced into filing an affidavit after the video went viral and expresses extreme dread. According to the affidavit, India Today reports that Pravesh Shukla did not harm the victim in any way and that the video is entirely false.

BJP Connection

On social media, Congress leaders posted a photo of Pravesh with BJP leaders and the video, suggesting that the accused was also connected to the BJP. The Bharatiya Janata Party is specifically mentioned in Pravesh Shukla’s Facebook profile. His BJP membership I-card provides evidence of his affiliation with the political party.

He has also been referred to in a number of news reports as a BJP politician and Kedarnath Shukla’s personal representative. Notably, Pravesh’s name appears on the list of Sidhi candidates provided by the BJP Yuva Morcha.

According to reports, the accused’s father, Ramakant Shukla, stated that the opposition was targeting the accused because he was a BJP MLA. In this matter, I hope there will be a thorough investigation and justice will be done.

The BJP MLA Kedarnath, however, insisted that Pravesh was neither his representative nor a BJP employee, and denied any association with him.

The BJP’s communications spokesman, Ashish Agarwal, tweeted: “Pravesh Shukla has nothing to do with the Bharatiya Janata Party. Every horrific act perpetrated against the tribal society shall be opposed by the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP MP demands that this person be dealt with harshly.

Ramakant, Pravesh’s father, expressed confusion in reaction to the BJP MLA’s remark and said that his son had been a current MLA representative and had been involved with the BJP for a number of years. He emphasized how they had developed a close bond with Kedarnath Shukla over time.

Charged under the National Security Act is Pravesh Shukla

Pravesh has been taken into custody, and the police said that they are taking legal action against him.
“The suspect (Pravesh Shukla) was taken into custody this morning at about 2:00. He is currently being questioned, according to Sidhi Additional SP Anjulata Patel. According to PTI, the police have prosecuted the accused under the strict NSA after receiving orders from Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of MP, fiercely denounced the occurrence in the midst of the enormous indignation on social media and issued instructions to charge the suspects in accordance with the strict National Security Act.

NSA, sections 294, 504, and section 3(1)(r)(s) of the SC/ST Act are just a few of the charges against Pravesh that have been brought against him, according to NDTV, following a complaint that was made on Tuesday at the Bahri police station.

CM Chouhan declared to the media in Bhopal, “I have ordered to give the accused the toughest punishment. Everyone should learn a moral lesson from it. We won’t hold him back. An accused person belongs to no caste, religion, or political organization. A defendant is a defendant.

“The event is abhorrent and a disgrace to humanity. If the accused encroaches, bulldozer action will be taken, according to MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra.

Abbas Hafeez, a representative for the Congress, asked on Twitter, “Yes, is this your tribal love? What should we term this “Jungle Raj” and why wasn’t the BJP leader detained? The accused, a BJP MLA by the name of Pravesh Shukla, is being identified as such. Kedar Nath Shukla is an MLA. There are pictures of the accused and seasoned BJP leaders urinating on indigenous youth.

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