Who Is The Lady That Freaked Out On The Plane

Who Is The Lady That Freaked Out On The Plane

Who Is The Lady That Freaked Out On The Plane -: Internet users had numerous questions following a woman’s odd rant on an American Airlines aircraft. A woman’s odd outburst aboard an American Airlines flight was captured on social media in a video that has gone viral. There was a three-hour delay as a result of this.

Who Is The Lady That Freaked Out On The Plane
Who Is The Lady That Freaked Out On The Plane

The woman who freaked out on the plane has not been publicly identified. She was reportedly a passenger on an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Orlando on January 28, 2023. In a video that went viral, she can be seen standing up and announcing that she was leaving the plane because she believed that a passenger in the back “isn’t real.” She also said that she was “not going to die with him.”

The reason for her outburst is unknown. Some people have speculated that she may have been having a mental health episode, while others have suggested that she may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The original TikTok user who posted the video has since deleted their account, so it is difficult to say for sure what happened.

The incident caused the flight to be delayed by three hours while everyone on board had to deplane. American Airlines has not commented on the incident.

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On an American Airlines flight, a woman was spotted storming out, outraged and enraged at the same time about what she said was a “not real” passenger. She shouted as she stepped outside, explaining that she was leaving the plane for a purpose. The passengers were confused by her unusual and profanity-filled breakdown, and now that the video has gone viral, nobody can stop talking about it online.

She remarked the guy in the back was “not real” as she got off the aircraft, pointing to it. Her fellow travelers turn around as she gestures towards the rear as they try to understand what she is referring to.

“You can choose whether to die with them or not by sitting on this plane. The woman continues, “I’m not going to,” and then she appears to walk away.

“Amazing moment a distraught woman had a tantrum on a plane over ‘imaginary’ passenger and asks to be allowed off. ‘That person is not real,’ she cries. Onboard an American Airlines flight in Dallas, a woman was captured on camera in trouble. The video’s title states that the film was shared on TikTok on Sunday and has since been.

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The event, according to Daily Mail, caused a three-hour delay on the flight. @texaskansasnnn, a user on TikTok, was the one who first uploaded the video. She said that the woman had not been detained.

The strange video raised many questions on the internet. Others referred to this as “racist behavior,” while some users claimed this was the result of stress and that the user needs help.

Apparently American Airlines has FAKE people on their flights and it’s freaking out regular passengers. pic.twitter.com/Ekwosib9o6 — Stew Peters (@realstewpeters) July 4, 2023

American Airlines has not yet provided a response to the situation.

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