Why Did Boris Becker Go To Jail

Why Did Boris Becker Go To Jail

Why Did Boris Becker Go To Jail – Boris Becker has talked about his “brutal” time in a British prison, saying that he had to surround himself with “tough boys” for safety. The three-time Wimbledon men’s singles winner was given a two-and-a-half-year sentence for concealing £2.5 million in assets and loans in a bankruptcy fraud case. He completed eight months of the term. In December, he was released from custody and sent back to the UK.

Why Did Boris Becker Go To Jail

“Whoever says that prison life isn’t hard and isn’t difficult, I think is lying,” Becker said on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast. It was quite harsh and completely different from what you would see in a movie or hear about in a story.

Boris Becker: Serving a sentence in the UK was “brutal”

In prison, where he had been surrounded by “murderers, by drug dealers, by rapists, by people smugglers, by dangerous criminals,” he claimed that inmates had to “fight every day” for survival and that being a famous tennis player mattered nothing.

“You struggle to survive every day. You need protection right now, therefore you need to surround yourself with “the tough boys,” as I like to call them.

He said that being imprisoned had “humbled” him, adding, “I’m a survivor; I’m a tough cookie. I accepted the punishment, but I also accepted the honor, and if anything, this strengthened and improved me as a person.

He said he is currently creating the “third chapter” of his life.

The youngest-ever Wimbledon men’s singles champion in 1985 at the age of 17, Becker reflected on his tennis career and stated there was no “handbook” for how a kid should act in such circumstances. He claimed that the fame and money were “very new”.

After his tennis career, he made moves that were “probably ill-advised,” but he added: “It was my decision.” He said he had never studied business or finance.

The first few weeks of Becker, 55,’s confinement were spent at Wandsworth Prison in South-West London, and he afterwards spent time at Huntercombe Prison in Oxfordshire.
He stated he missed London and would “love” to return to his commentating duty even though he won’t be able to return to the UK until at least October 2024.

Any foreign national who is found guilty of a crime in the UK and sentenced to prison is given consideration for deportation as soon as possible.

While it is in effect, a deportation order bars a person from legally reentering the UK.

The individual will only be allowed to enter the UK if they meet the necessary entry requirements once the deportation order has been revoked or is no longer in effect.

Becker acknowledged that he has spoken to the BBC about participating in its future coverage, but added that “it’s not my decision.”

He said he had learnt lessons from his time in jail, including figuring out “who’s with you and who’s not with you,” in a speech prior to the premiere of a new TV documentary about his life and career.

It certainly humbled me, if anything. It really helped me realize that breaking the law gets you arrested and sentenced, regardless of whether you go by the name Boris Becker or Paul Smith.

Any foreign individual who has been convicted of a crime and deported is barred from doing so for as long as the deportation order issued against them is still in effect, according to a Home Office official.

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